Bihar Board Inter Matric Exam 2022 : परीक्षा देने से पहले जान लो मूल मंत्र सब पास होंगे

Bihar Board Inter Matric Exam 2022

परीक्षा देने से पहले जान लो मूल मंत्र सब पास होंगे , bihar board inter exam 2022, bihar board matric exam 2022,pass kaise karen pariksha 2022 mein

Bihar Board Inter Matric Exam 2022

Mool Mantra all will pass

Children are likely to be passed by giving grace marks in the inter-matriculation examination to be held this time because in January this year, tuition school coaching was all closed, due to which studies were disrupted and children could not even get the subjective question. Taking this time, giving good marks to the children, the Bihar board will pass, so no one should be afraid!

don’t leave any questions

According to the Bihar Board, the evaluation of the copies is done in 10 to 12 days for Intermediate and in 10 to 12 days, the Bihar Board gets the copy of Matriculation checked by objective machine but the subject is evaluated by these teachers, it is not possible. To check a core copy in 12 days, in such a way that children do not get good marks by evaluating incorrectly, children can take advantage of this in the examination hall, if you write the answer for any question that does not come, then you will get marks. will go

how did you get marks last year

Last year, there was a huge disturbance in the results of Inter and Matric, due to which the children also did stone-pelting and agitation because the child who was weak in studies got good marks more than 400 marks and the one who was good in studies got 300 to 350 marks. Was given only because of wrong assessment, children were also scouted but to no avail, you guys do not leave a single question in the examination, whether the answer comes or not, everyone has to make it.

Chances of getting grace marks this time

Easy questions will be asked this time

Easy questions will be asked in the inter-matriculation examination because due to the third wave, the education of the children was disrupted and the entire syllabus was not finished. Will be asked on the board!

Admission will be available without admit card

In the inter-matriculation examination to be held this time, for some reason just a student wanders around or forgets the admit card of a student, then in such a situation anyone identity card like! Aadhar Card, Voter Card, PAN Card, Identity Card, Passbook, etc. can also appear in the Inter-Matriculation Examination.

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